Protecting Your Business

Buy/Sell Agreements

We’ve been helping companies for nearly 30 years to protect their businesses by formulating effective plans for the death, disability, retirement or withdrawal of a shareholder. A buy/sell agreement is an essential part of any business strategy whether it’s two partners or a group of shareholders. We can help by evaluating your current agreement. If you have no agreement, we’ll sit down with you and walk you through the issues you’ll need to resolve. We’ll also work with your professional advisors to see that the agreement is crafted to meet your needs. We can help you arrange the funding to make sure it goes according to plan.

Wage Loss Replacement Plans

A wage loss replacement plan is a grouped disability program which allows the employer to tax deduct the cost of the disability plan while providing benefits tax-free to employees based on their pre-disability income. Let us show you how this can work for your business.