Managing Your Business

Building a Balanced Retirement Plan

We are constantly surprised when business owners come to us looking for a retirement plan only to find that virtually 100% of the assets they own are wrapped up in the business or farming enterprise which has been their life’s work. While it’s natural to invest in your business, it makes for a very one-sided investment portfolio. We’ve spent our career helping clients to prepare for the retirement phase of their life. We can show you why it makes sense to unwind some of the equity in your business so that it will generate an income for you in retirement.

Employer’s Role In Employee Retirement Solutions

You take your responsibility as an employer seriously. You recognize that your employees are one of the most valuable resources and, like you, they too will want to retire someday. What should be your role in helping them prepare for that eventuality? At Waypoint Financial, we understand the tightrope that you walk as an employer. Employees are not looking for cradle to grave solutions, but it’s important for employers to reward long-term employees with a realistic retirement plan that will be there for them when they do retire. We can help to sort through the options and choose a solution that makes sense for your business.

Executive Compensation

We can help successful companies to construct realistic benefit programs which address the needs of senior management and shareholders for executive benefits, compensation plans, individual pension plans and leveraged retirement plans. We understand the tax aspects of these plans and we can explain them to you.