Protecting Wealth

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

This new initiative from the federal government allows you to put money away and pay absolutely no tax on the earnings. There are some tricks and pitfalls though. We know all the angles and how to make this new program work in your favour. Please contact us for more information.

Lifelong Income Choices

The good news is we are all living longer. The bad news is it’s going to take more resources to provide lifelong income. We understand the statistics and we can help you to understand them too. Lifelong income means creating a source of funds that will stand the test of time and not run out in your golden years. We have a way of identifying the likelihood of success of your retirement portfolio. Let us show you how your existing program measures up.

Turning RRSP Into Income

Canadians have spent many years socking away funds to provide retirement income. Yet few people understand the mechanics or nuances of turning RRSP assets into retirement income. We’ve been doing it for many, many years and have many successful retirements to our credit. Let us show you the choices, the considerations and the opportunities that today’s retirement income has to offer. Retirement income is a specialty within the investing discipline. We have special tools to protect your retirement income when markets turn down. We’ve been through many market cycles and understand the difference between accumulation portfolios and income portfolios. Let us show you.

Guaranteeing Lifetime Retirement Income

With all the market gyrations in the last decade, our clients have come to us looking for protection at the time they feel most vulnerable — as they are nearing or just starting into the retirement phase of their life. We understand the risks and the concerns our clients are facing and we have studied the market to uncover ways that we can provide guaranteed lifetime income. Some are old and some are very new. They are not for everyone, but let us help you explore whether these products fit your needs.