Growing Wealth

Education Funding

We know that providing for your children’s education is both a worry and a challenge. There are many tools available at our disposal to make education funding less of a burden. We can help you sort out the differences between Registered Education Savings Plans, “in trust for” accounts, and other vehicles that can work to the benefit of your children’s education. We’re excited to partner with you in developing a firm footing for your children’s education.

Hitting Your Retirement Targets

At Waypoint Financial, we take retirement income seriously. It’s not enough to simply put money away without any concept of what it will provide in the future. We have a way to help you zero in on what you need to meet your goals for retirement. We’ll take into consideration your existing assets, pensions and other sources of income and test the results using 100 years of financial history to show you how much you need to save year by year to hit your goals. Our clients have told us that the software we use is the best thing they’ve ever seen. We hope you’ll agree.


No one likes budgeting, so we try to take a realistic approach to debt reduction. Our challenge is to help you find ways to free up scarce existing dollars that will help reduce debt, put away assets and fund important projects. Let us help you cruise to the next waypoint on the way to financial freedom.

Comprehensive vs Modular Financial Plans

We know all clients are not alike. Some like to look at the big picture and that’s where a comprehensive plan is invaluable. But for others, time and financial constraints mean that breaking your needs down into priorities makes more sense. Whatever course you decide to choose, we have the tools and expertise to build the plan that will meet your needs and goals. We’re happy to go into more details in a one-on-one, no obligation session. Please give us a call.

Registered Disability Savings Plans

Recently, a new program has emerged to help the parents of physically and mentally challenged children to put away funds to support their children’s needs in the future. This program provides government grants and is a godsend to help families struggling to meet today’s needs while worrying about their children’s special needs in years to come. Let us show you how this might work for you.