Protecting Your Family

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an old subject, but there’s always something new. Let us help you to review your existing coverage with an eye to getting better value while protecting your family against the worst of times.


Your health is your wealth and your income is, undoubtedly, your most valuable asset. Too many people don’t put a priority on income replacement. We have solutions that are designed for the self-employed, are cost effective and, in many cases, can refund much of the cost if you stay healthy. Furthermore, with the disability plans that we provide, should a claim happen, we’re there for you.

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses happen around us every day of every week of every year. We see our friends and neighbours and their families suffering as a result of significant challenges that come with a critical illness. We know that all plans are not created equally. Critical illness coverage is your best defense against the health challenges that life can throw at us. As governments tighten belts, there’ll be a greater and greater need for individuals to take the lead in providing protection for themselves and their families.

Children’s Insurance

We believe that the best insurance a child can have is adequate insurance on the parents. That said, there are individual plans available that make good sense for children. We’re particularly keen on providing critical illness protection for a child. A critical illness policy can allow for a number of important advantages, such as:

  1. Covering expenses so a parent can take a leave from work to be with their child during treatment and recovery.
  2. Pay for specialized or alternative treatments not covered by group or government-sponsored plans.
  3. Cover travel and accommodation expenses when out of town or out of country treatment is required.
  4. Pay for in-home nursing or home care support.
  5. Pay for respite care so that parents can share some personal time with the other children in the family.
  6. Pay for home or vehicle modifications to improve accessibility.
  7. Continue saving for a special family vacation, the children’s education, or retirement.

Contact us to see how affordable critical illness can be for your children’s future.

Long-Term Care

Most people think long-term care is only for the aged. We’re beginning to understand that a parent’s need for long-term care affects the whole family. Often it’s the adult children who are caught in the middle. Unable to care for a parent personally, they will have to assist with the cost of external caregivers. Often a long-term care policy for parents while they’re still healthy makes more sense. We have the experience to help discuss these issues with you and your family before the need arises.